Cannabis And Your Next Big Crop

As more states advance the process of regulating and producing Cannabis, Next Big Crop, a General Cannabis company, continues to cultivate and provide assistance with their proven success based methods in the pioneer state of Colorado.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is an incredible experience to be able to build a legal cannabis operation from the ground up. Watching hard work turn into a flourishing harvest and successful business is not only what we take pride in, but it is a seriously rewarding feeling. The above picture shows one zone of a larger 42,000 square foot greenhouse facility, which was retro-fitted in 2012 by Next Big Crop’s Managing Director Rich Cardinal. At the time, it was the largest grow facility operating in Colorado and it even earned itself a spot on High Times. Talk about ‘trees,’ most Sativa plants reached heights of fifteen plus feet with enough room for a person to walk under them standing up straight!

It is our goal to see our client’s succession from application and design to operational oversight at their facility or dispensary. As regulations tighten and the industry shifts away from stigma towards reality, Next Big Crop has the experience, network and resources to create legitimate, long lasting canna-businesses nationwide.

There has always been a wishy-washy feeling about creating corporate culture in the industry, but it is important to remember that businesses with well established practices and procedures are more poised for success than those without it. We have built our model around recognized best business practices and help our clients to realize the same professionalism, rationale and forward thinking that have produced top tier enterprises nationwide.

Next Big Crop, located in Denver, Colorado, is fortunate to work alongside other trusted cannabis advisors from respected lawyers to ancillary services that we recommend to our clients. This includes our parent, General Cannabis Corporation, and our partners; Chiefton Design, a cannabis design and branding agency and Iron Protection Group, Colorado’s industry leading security company. Cannabis related business success stems from hands-on experience and proven techniques for every phase of the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis.

It is humbling, but at the same time exciting, to be be able to play a significant role in canna-business developments in other states as well; Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon and the plethora of upcoming opportunities for medical and recreational marijuana across the country. We are ecstatic about the opportunities that will be presented in the near future when Cannabis is accepted, legal and thriving across the nation. Next Big Crop is and was created to help any ganjapreneur realize their canna-business dreams!