For Investors, for Entrepreneurs, for All: Get to Know General Cannabis Corp., a Top-Level Industry Booster

By Robert Frichtel and Michael Feinsod

There are many ways to look at General Cannabis.

From one angle, General Cannabis Corporation (OTC: CANN) is a fully integrated platform—vertically and horizontally—that touches every part of the cannabis industry.

From another, we are a helping hand to cannabis startups. If an entrepreneur is not able to successfully raise capital or execute their business vision, our cannabis investing and due diligence services can help them get where they want to be. We also have property solutions, office space and other necessary business basics that put us several steps ahead of most cannabis incubators.

Yet another aspect of General Cannabis is a strong investment opportunity with a synergistic holding company.

With a large group of diverse companies, each of which is a top performer in their arena, General Cannabis is a savvy way for investors to diversify risk, rather than putting all their cannabis investment dollars in one niche company. Among our specialized brands:

Our strategy is to take our collective knowledge built from successful companies that were on the vanguard of Colorado legalization, and bring that know-how into other states that are beginning to implement medical cannabis programs or regulated adult-use sales. As General Cannabis continues to acquire businesses from a variety of states, this diversification model will only grow stronger.

While it’s not sexy, our strong balance sheet has allure in its own right. We are confident in knowing 10K filings for General Cannabis can match those of a company traded on NASDAQ. And this lets employees and investors know we have the utmost integrity as a publicly traded company.

In its current state, General Cannabis works with the best people in the industry, knowledgeable business leaders who share our values of compliance, integrity and transparency.

But moving forward, we are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities to expand our assets. Says one of our executives: “If they’ve got a decent balance sheet, I want to talk to them.” But we are not interested in growth for growth’s sake; we are committed to moving forward with the best business practices and customer service.

This is an industry that arose from the shadows and the gray market, but at General Cannabis, gray is not an option. We only work with those who are fully invested in cannabis compliance and the regulated market, whatever its challenges. And we help each of our specialized divisions work within those complex regulations.

Finally, General Cannabis collects and carefully curates its brands. Similar to how General Mills sells multiple brands to various supermarkets, compliance-minded General Cannabis could take a portfolio of edibles products to various states. Affiliated brands could be grouped together, manufactured and sold together to boost efficiency and margins.  

So whatever the need, General Cannabis can build a strong and stable foundation—whether it’s for a new business, a cannabis investment portfolio or a brand’s expansion into new markets.    

Robert Frichtel is CEO of General Cannabis. Michael Feinsod is Chairman of the Board.